New Tourism Incentives

It was always the governments that used to initiate incentive programs but now the perfect models are based on private-public partnerships and Azerbaijan is one of the successful models in this regard. There are now some latest and some to be followed global airline agreements worldwide that is to connect the world with Azerbaijan, especially an open sky policy agreement with USA is one of the top examples to expand its air traffic network with western countries including USA itself. There are now no of private airlines operating between the Middle East, Far East and East Asian countries and rest of the world. The government has recently announced electronic visa (online) facility with the name of ASAAN VISA program that is one of the best tourism incentives to boost tourism traffic to Azerbaijan – one may get visa within 2-3 days online without any complex of documentation. There are now world class hotel chains JW Marriott part of the hospitality business of Azerbaijan. As private entrepreneur we are fully prepared to put our reasonable share to incentivize tourism sector of Azerbaijan.