Culture Tourism

Culture Tourism in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is one of the top cultural secrets of Caucasian countries and no doubt in claiming that Azerbaijan is one of the best destinations for the culture lovers. In the middle ages a number of cities emerged as a main cultural centers and those were Shamakhi, Ganja, Baku, Barda, Sheki, Tabriz, Nakchivan, Shabran, Ardabil, Maraga, Gabala, Beylagan. The historians also used to call it the country of hundred cities. Azerbaijan claiming its roots from Stone Age to Bronze and then from Zoroastrians to Islamic values is full of cultural diversity.

In the 7th century when the majority of population adopted Islam a new culture came into existence and the Albanian writing was replaced by the Muslim educational institutions (Mekteb, Madrassas) where Arabic was taught alongside religion, mathematic, medicine, astronomy and philosophy etc. There are number of buildings dating back Albanian period and afterwards are unique piece of architects. Many cult buildings like Churches, Mosques, Bridges, Castles, and Fortresses of 11-12 centuries AD making the time of renaissance in Azerbaijan.

The holiday of spring Navruz (New Day) that means a new day approaching with the victory of good over evil. It is no more symbol of Zoroastrian holiday while centuries passed by and today is known as the holiday of spring in the season of spring on 21 March. Navruz is a cheerful holiday that is celebrated for several weeks with flavor of full joy and with ritual dishes and sweets throughout the spring holidays.