About Us

WINA as Wholesale Tourism Management Company

WINA Company is in fact a unique brand with unique concepts of tourism industry that is a kind of supportive economic engine from the consumer to the suppliers and from local to foreign tour operators as well. The company’s prime focus is to do B2B instead of catering individual tourism activities that will protect the regional tour operators as per their local cover of travel insurance policies and will boost local employment as well. WINA is one of the leading tourism companies with utmost expertise to handle all kind of tourism activities within the region of Caucasus and other South and Central Asian countries.

From culture tourism to adventure, leisure, recreational, sports, special events, conferences or tours of special interest – WINA team of tourism professionals devote their energy to make it a highly successful event of your life time. Our deep relationship within the hospitality industry enables us to distinguish from the ordinary tourism companies to a highly qualified tourism company. Our multilingual tour guides to handle the groups from the different continents of the world are the additional edge we have over the others. From the day of arrival to closing night ceremonies, our team of professionals is always there for creativity and unique consultative approach for a genuine success for your desired travel plans.

WINA is proud to announce slogan of “Peace through Tourism” and to accomplish the true essence of this slogan, we are determined to bring more and more people across continents together. We can manage your desired tour packages with utmost competitive prices because the methodology for the costing of tours is based on the philosophy of not looking at consumer’s pocket rather at supplier’s pocket that encourages mass tourism instead of individual tourism across the world. At the same time we assure our trade partners that our low cost offer do not mean that we compromise on quality while we transforms it from good to great and from great to unforgettable life time memories.


Our Vision and Mission

WINA believes in mass tourism activities rather than individual tourism by providing quality services in affordable prices so that maximum people go on move around the globe. We would like to see WINA as trend setter across the regional countries of Caucasia, Central Asia and the world.


Message from MD

He is an accomplished tourism professional having 35 years of experience of tourism field with him. He is well travelled person and strongly believes that travelling is an Open University. He studied French in France, German in Germany and Dutch from Holland – he also studied Spanish and Japanese languages in local institutes. So, he speaks seven international languages. By nature he is an explorer and research oriented.

Mr. Mehmood A. Malik (MD)